About Us

Nationwide Auto Guard was formed to offer genuine Mechanical Breakdown Coverage to consumers across the country at an affordable rate. Every employee from our sales staff to our customer service reps to our administrative office has been trained in every aspect to insure they are answering your questions accurately and honestly.

Our sales staff are here to help you decide which policy is best for you, which deductible suits your needs and which payment plan best fits your budget. We are constantly offering new plans and always looking for the best coverage to provide.

Our customer service staff will help you with any questions regarding financing, address changes, policy transfers, billing questions and even questions regarding service or maintenance on your vehicle. Always with a great attitude and a willingness to provide the best customer service we can.

Our administrative office constantly works on finding new methods of educating the consumer, advertising, finding the latest coverage plans to offer and working to keep the cost to you at a minimum. We are proud to say that we have achieved our goal of being one of the best in the industry. We will continue putting forth every effort to maintain our high standard of excellence as we grow.

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